3D Secure

3D Secure

The 15 most common reasons why you can't pay online

1. Your card does not have internet payments enabled
This problem is common with newly issued cards.

If you receive a new card from the bank, check with your internet banking that your card has internet payments enabled. If not, allow payments in banking, or contact your bank.

2. You have exceeded the limit on your card
If you have limits on internet payments set on your card and you exceed this limit, the bank will reject the payment.

The following limits can be set on the card:

volume - the maximum allowed amount for one payment, or the daily financial limit for completed transactions
per number of payments - allowed number of payments per day
Please adjust the limits in your banking and try the payment again.

3. You do not have enough money on your card
If you do not have enough money in your account, the bank will reject the payment.

Select an account for payment where you have enough money to pay for the goods.

4. Your card has expired
With a card that has expired (you will find the expiration date on your payment card), you will not pay.

Always use a card with the current expiration date for payment.

5. You pay with a card issued in a foreign region
If you are trying to pay with a card issued by a foreign bank, you may come across one. Some Czech e-shops do not accept card payments from foreign regions.

In this case, contact the e-shop and if they confirm that they do not accept foreign cards, use the Czech card for payment.

6. You entered the wrong verification code or 3D Secure code
Sometimes it happens that a mistake creeps in and you misspell any of the numbers. The most common problem is with:

card number
CVC code
3D Secure code sent by your bank
What is a CVV / CVC code?
The Card Verification Value / Code is a 3-digit number located on the back of the payment card in a white signature strip. This is an additional information that increases the protection of the card. It is required for online payments.

What is 3D Secure Code?
3D Secure is a one-time code that the bank sends to its client's telephone number. 3D Secure is perceived as a higher protection for payments on the Internet. Without it, the payment will not take place.
Incorrectly entered data can be prevented using the card memorization function, for which card data does not always have to be entered, or the online bank button, where the bank order is already pre-filled.

7. You have not selected a payment method in the payment gateway form
After switching to the payment gateway, you will see a menu with payment methods.

In order for the payment to be completed, you must select a payment method.

You can most often choose from these methods:

card payment (Visa, Mastercard)
fast pre-filled bank transfer
classic bank transfer
Gooogle Pay, PayPal, and other e-wallets

8. You have pressed the Back button
If you confirm the Pay option but then press the Back button, the payment will not be made.

When does this happen?

At the last minute, you want to change some data in the order, so you press Back
You pay on your mobile phone and in the payment process you press Back in the assumption that you are returning to the e-shop page. This will interrupt the payment.

9. You closed the payment gateway window with a cross
This case is similar to the previous one. Click the cross to close the dialog box or the entire browser.

Closing the dialog box while the payment is in progress will interrupt the payment. Our customer support manager Jana also confirms that this is a nice clearing: “It often happens that customers pay online by bank transfer (so-called button) and after confirming the payment in their internet banking, they close the browser or dialog box. At this point, the payment is being processed and clicking on the cross will cause the payment not to be completed. "

10. Unsupported phone number for mobile payment
Mobile payments are no exception today. However, some rules also apply to these payment methods.

For example, with Premium SMS, your phone number may not support this method. In this case, it is not possible to pay via Premium SMS.

In the case of an m-payment, it must be borne in mind that it cannot be made from the company number.

11. Payment has a time limit
Each payment has a set time limit in which the payment must be completed.

Otherwise, the payment will expire and the payment will not be made.

When the time limit for entering a payment expires, the status will appear: Payment has expired.

12. Error on the e-shop side
Payment may not be possible due to insufficient technical settings of the payment gateway for which the e-shop is responsible. E-shops are most often missing in the following situations.

they have incorrectly set data
an error occurred on the hosting side
e-shop does not use SSL certificates
an error occurred in the module / e-shop solution
E-shops should not forget to properly test payments before receiving traffic data.

13. The payment gateway has failed or is shutting down
Sometimes you may want to pay, but your payment fails because of an unexpected payment gateway failure. In this case, you must wait for the services to resume.

We perform maintenance of our systems once in a while, when we need to completely turn off the payment gateway. These maintenance usually takes place at night

14. There is a power failure or internet connection
What happens in the event of a sudden loss of Internet connection or electricity is probably clear. Payment cannot be completed.

The problem of a sudden interruption of the Internet connection is common for users who have a weak router or are in a place where there is no good signal. In this case, it's a good idea to wait for the reconnection and make the payment again.

15. Payment is blocked by cookies or extensions in your browser
Some browser extensions or cookies and other files may block the payment. The most common extensions that block payment are ad blockers. So you can try:

clear the cache stored in the browser using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + R
temporarily disable extensions in your browser
The best way to do this is to make a payment in another browser or in an incognito window.