The Most Comprehensive Sunglasses Buying Guide

The Most Comprehensive Sunglasses Buying Guide

1. Sunglasses Introduction

Sunglasses is a kind of glasses, which can make you be more handsome and good-looking. It can also block direct ultraviolet rays and protect your eyes from strong sun light. It can block UVA UVB rays, not the decorative ones.

The eyes can be damaged under the strong sun light which has a lot if ultraviolet and infrared rays, so it is necessary to wear a sunglasses.

2. Sunglasses Classification

Color sunglasses: It mainly depends on the absorption of light by his color, so that the strong light is not so strong when it reaches the eyes. At the same time, the light waves absorbed by different colors of sunglasses are also different.

Coated sunglasses: A metal film is added to ordinary glass glasses, and it depends on the reflection of the sun's rays to protect your eyes, so that your eyes are not harmed.

Color-changing sunglasses: Usually it is colorless and transparent. In strong light, it will change to other colors, and then absorb the light beam to reduce the damage to the eyes. It is automatically adjusted

3. The Function of Polarized Sunglasses

Polarized lens & anti-glare

The role of polarized lens is to prevent glare, not ultraviolet rays
Sunlight is actually composed of many lights that propagate in different directions, and polarized lens that can filters out all the light except for the light in a specific propagation direction, thereby reducing the irritation to the eyes, which is anti-glare.

4. How to Choose Color Sunglasses

In addition to the combination of color and beauty, colored lenses also take more practical considerations. Different lenses are suitable for different scenes. For daily use, black, gray, brown, and green have the widest application range. For more detailed classification, you can refer to the following table.

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