KINGSEVEN top 10 best-selling sunglasses 2021

KINGSEVEN top 10 best-selling sunglasses 2021

KINGSEVEN polarized sunglasses that have great anti-UVA UVB polarizing functions are favored by users. The elegant, simple and ultra-light comfortable design is in line with the aesthetic standards of modern people. The price is mainly concentrated in the range of 10-50$. From the material point of view, it is more exquisite, and the quality is quite reliable.

KINGSEVEN is determined to create products that are friendly to people, and bring value-for-money polarized sunglasses to every consumer. Because of its affordable price and high quality, coupled with celebrity publicity, KINGSEVEN polarized sunglasses are very popular among people, and sales of all kinds of products. The following is KINGSEVEN's 10 hot-selling products in 2021.

No.1 KINGSEVEN Wooden Polarized Sunglasses 5504

Sale per month: 2666 pieces

Price: $41.66-44.66


No.2 KINGSEVEN Pilot Sunglasses Polarized 725

Sales per month: 2019 pieces

Price: $39.84


No.3 KINGSEVEN Mens Polarized Sunglasses Al-Mg 7180

Sales per month: 1126 pieces

Price: $42.33


No.4 KINGSEVEN Handmade Semi-Rimless Sunglasses 5516

Sale per month: 776 pieces

Price: $36.18


No.5 Mens Aluminum Sunglasses Polarized 7188

Sales per month: 623 pieces

Price: $38.38


No.6 Driving Sports Sunglasses for Men 9126

Sales per month: 533 pieces

Price: $39.72


No.7 Handmade Natural Wooden Mens Sunglasses 5777

Saels per month: 370 pieces

Price: $33.66


No.8 Mens Sunglasses Pilot Photochromic & Polarized Lens 7719

Sales per month: 368 pieces

Price: $39.47


No.9 TR90 Walnut Wood Handmade Mens Sunglasses Polarized 5508

Sales per month: 260 pieces

Price: $39.88


No.10 Mens Classic Square Sunglasses 7906

Sales per month: 214 pieces

Price: 42.88











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